Monday, July 13, 2009

Stuttgart Zoo July 3, 2009


We have not been to a zoo in a matter of fact, Gabi, Emilee and Dominick have never been to one, and Feliciti and Jakob don't remember going to one. We thought it would be a perfect time to go on a "short" drive down the road to see one...the weather was nice and we had nothing else to do that day. So we hopped in the car, and thought that what would be about a 2 hour drive wouldn't be too bad. Well, well, well....we hit every construction area on the autobahn, and that 2 hour drive turned out to be almost 4 hours. Also on the way there Feliciti got car sick and threw up (in the brand new car). So by this point we thought...should we even continue??? But she said she felt better, so we continued.

The weather started looking questionable by the time we started walking to the entrance. But once again, we did not want to come all this way and not go to the zoo. So we paid and went in. We were able to see some penguins (one of them was actually holding an egg, and was very protective of it).

We also saw some birds, monkeys and the tigers before the "bottom fell on us". We ran to the elephant cages and ended up waiting there for an hour...and the rain never let up. We decided to go out and make it to the next area that we could take advantage of. On our way to the aquarium, we made a few short stops (with the protection of trees) to look at some other animals...giraffes, donkeys and more birds. We were soaking wet by this point, so did it really matter how long we stayed to visit some animals. The kids all thought it was a lot of fun to be completly wet. We literally had NO dry spots of clothes!! We ended up staying in the aquarium for an hour, and then decided we have had enough, and started heading for the car.
We ended up stopping for some Italian food on the way home. It was very good..and we sat and talked about the memories that we just made....what a trip to the zoo!!

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